Płaj 31 – Abstracts

Tomasz Borucki
The Materials from the Expedition to the springs of Cheremosch River
An account of the author’s expedition to the region, accompanied with the detailed analysis of the works of history and science, dedicated to the one of the less accessible part of the Carpathians, nearby the former border of Poland, Moldova and Hungary.

Mieczysław Woźnowski
Down the Cheremosch River to Zhabie
An account of the rafting down the Black Cheremosch in the Thirties (20th cent). Reprinted from “Orli lot” (Eagle’s Flight) magazine.

Marek Majerczak
Świdowiec in June
A sentimental memoir from the excursion to the Świdowiec range in Ukrainian Transcarpathia.

Jan Środoń, Andrzej Laptaś
Bliźnica and Szeszuł Mts. in Winter-time
An account of the ski-excursion.

Tomasz Borucki
It Happens at Grey Rock… An Analysis of Two Pictures from Blumenfeld’s portfolio
The mentioned pictures were made at the turn of XVIII and XIX cent. by I. Blumenfeld, an Austrian forester from Witów and recently found in Krakow, present an eagle abducting a child and the brigand’s party. The author analyses their details, basing on the rich printed sources and polemicises with another authors, dealing with the subject.

Jolanta Flach
Where the Hunger Bites. Sucha Hora and Głodówka Villages
A short, illustrated account of the two Oravian villages on the Polish-Slovak borderland.

Monika Nyczanka
The Ganowce puzzle
A sketch of the geological and paleontological curiosities from the Ganowce village (Slovakia) and its discoverer, Bohemian anthropologist Emanuel Vick.

Martina Hajdinjak, Piotr Skrzypiec
Not Only the Mud-volcanoes. Some Curiosities of the Southern Slopes of the Romanian Carpathians.
A description of some less-known natural and cultural curiosities of the region, as Meledic plateau, Slanic-Prahova salt mine, and Ivaneţu Mts. cave monasteries.

Karol Jasiński
Cruising around the Retezat Mts. A Hike through the Southern Carpathians
A brief account of the hike through Ţarcu, Godeanu, Little Retezat and Vâlcan mountains in Romania.

Wojciech W. Wiśniewski
Maciej Bogusz Stęczyński – a Victim of the Galician Revolt of 1846
A description of an event from the life of M.B. Stęczyński, well-known graphic and traveler, based on the recently found manuscripts, accompanied with the critical analysis of the previously published presentations of the subject.

Adam Bartosz
An Embarrassing Memento of the Galician Revolt
An essay on the monument of the landowners, slaughtered during the Galician Revolt of 1846, recently discovered in Jastrzębia village near Ciężkowice and on the present attitude of its inhabitants to this monument.

Andrzej Kolbusz
Tales of Jędruś from Kordowiec
Some pictures from life of the Beskid Sądecki mountaineers.

Jan Skłodowski
The Cross of the Legions
A sketch of the history of the cross, erected on the Pantyr Pass (later – Legions’ Pass) in Gorgany Mts., accompanied with an account of its recent renovation.