Płaj 32 – Abstracts

Andrzej Wielocha, We’re all from AKT
An essay to commemorate the centenary of the first Polish academic tourist club (AKT) with brief presentation of the specificity of the Polish academic tourism.
Mieczysław Orłowicz, The Carpathians 1907. An excerpt from the „Tourist Memoirs”
Two fragments of the memoirs of an outstanding Polish tourist activist, describing hikes to the Eastern Carpathians from the early years of the Lvov AKT.
Wojciech W. Wiśniewski, More about Maciej Bogusz Stęczyński and the Revolt of 1846. An unknown poem about the Galician massacre.
An extensive discussion of the recently found poem by M.B. Stęczyński, with new facts from the life of the author.
Wojciech Jankowski, The attitude of Ukrainians, Romanian and Poles to the political status of Bukovina in 1918.
An analysis of the national consciousness of the multi-ethnic population of Bukovina at the end of the Great War, with the broad reconstruction of the events, leading to the incorporation of the whole region into Romania.
Jan Skłodowski, Wundermann from Rafailova
An essay about the Jewish innkeeper from Rafailova in the Gorgany Mts. and his economic activities against the background of the epoch.
Claus Stephani, When toaka calls
A brief essay on Ukrainian inhabitants of the northern Romania, by the German ethnographer from Siebenburgen.
Zbigniew Tomaszewski, Hnitesa, September 2006
An account of the hike to the springs of the White and Black Cheremoch rivers, the farthest corner of the pre-war Poland, now hardly accessible for tourist due to the border restrictions and communication hardships.
Karolina Kwiecień, Grandma’s from above the Hill tales. The Hutzul impressions
A collection of the tales and stories, told by the old Hutzul woman and written down by the authoress.
Zbigniew Sikora, Where are the real springs of the San River?
A discussion of the different views on the subject.
Adnaw., Superstitions, songs and rites of the people from the upper San and Dnister region.
A sketch of the spiritual culture of the mountaineers from the Eastern Bieszczady Mts. reprinted from the „Wędrowiec” periodical from 1882.
Roman Frodyma, The Hot Hills. The Fighting in the New Zmigrod area in may 1915
Some excerpts from the documents and relations, presenting the fighting from the point of view of the combating parties and civilians, accompanied with a description of the war cemetery, where the soldiers, fallen there, were buried.
Jolanta Flach, It happens in Jurgov… The Jurgov stories
The recollections of the inhabitant of the Jurgov village in the Polish part of the Spisz region.
Adam Bartosz, Teresa Mirga, the Gypsy poetess from Czarna Góra village.
A brief essay on the contemporary Gypsy (Romany) poetess from the Spisz region.
Teresa Mirga, Poems
Poems in Romany with Polish translation.
Zenon Staniszewski, Tomasz Smoliński, The Little Carpathians. Memoirs from the tourist hike
A description from the most western Carpathian range and some surrounding towns. Also a description of the Hainburg Mts. in Austria, on the Danube’s right bank, acknowledged by some as a part of Carpathians.
Zenon Staniszewski, Some Carpathian stamps (Part III)
Sketches on the stamps (mostly Slovakian), using the Carpathian motives.
Szymon Modrzejewski, An annual report of the informal stone-masons group „Magurycz”, summer and autumn 2005.
A report on the restoration works in the abandoned Lemko cemeteries in the Beskid Niski Mts.
Book Review